Energy Tips: What are the Differences Between Air Filters?

Air Filters at Union Hills Ace Hardware in North Phoenix ArizonaHave you ever wondered about your Air Filters? What are the Differences between Air Filters? Did you know there are different kinds of air filters to choose from?  At Union Hills Ace Hardware in North Phoenix Arizona, we carry several different types of air filters and we can tell you the difference and the benefits to all of them!

One type of Air Filter you can buy is the traditional 1″ Fiberglass Furnace Air Filters that comes in various sizes and styles.

Ace has a Pleated Air Filter that cleans the air for up to 90 days removing airborne particles such as:  Animal Dander, lint, plant spores, dust and pollen.  Ace Pleated Air Filters are designed to provide maximum dirt-grabbing filter area with medium resistance to airflow.

The pleating provides more filter surface area for the filter medium and the more surface area you have the greater the filter’s ability to trap dirt, pollen and other particles and lasts up to 90 days under normal conditions.

At Union Hills Ace Hardware we carry a great selection of The Ace Pleated Air Filter,.

The 3M Filtrete filter is a High Performance Electrostatic Filter and it outperforms Non-Electrostatic Filters. (90% effective at attracting and capturing large airborne allergens like: Pollen, Mold Spores Dust Mite Debris,  It is Electrostatically charged fibers that attract and capture microscopic airborne particles like:  Smoke, Pet Dander, Household Dust, Smog, Bacteria and Particles that can carry Viruses and have a Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter and a Microparticle Performance Rating of 1500.  The 3M filters also last 90 Days.

The 3M Filtrete air filters are the most efficient at removing allergen.

Note: A dirty filter can restrict airflow and greatly decrease your system effectiveness. Making sure your air filters should be changed at least every month for the regular fiber glass and every ninety days for the ACE Pleated and 3M Filtere type filters.

WHY?  Changing your filter more frequently makes your system run more efficiently.  Certain conditions in your home will significantly add particles to the air.  This will cause the filter to capture more particles than usual, shortening its life to less than three months or reducing the effectiveness of the filter to capture particles.  These conditions include:  Dirty Ductwork, Sanding Projects, Burning Candles, Construction Work, Pets, Tobacco Smoke and Fireplace and wood-burning stove smoke.

Also, running your furnace or air condition fan continuously will help clean the air in your home but could further shorten the life of the filter, so if you use any filter under these conditions could begin to restrict airflow.  If these conditions exist change your filter more frequently.

One other Brand Union Hills Ace Hardware has is called the NaturalAire Cut-to-Fit air filter.  It fits up to 20 x 30″ filters.  These NaturalAire Cut-to-Fit are made with natural fibers and holds 2x’s the dust compared to the polyester filters, they are washable, reusable and biodegradable.

These NaturalAire are great for Trailers and Motor Homes! Low airflow resistance saves on energy cost, excellent for systems requiring high velocity filters and are effective protection against Dust/Lint, Dust Mite Debris, Pollen and Mold.


Bring your old filter in and our Union Hills Ace Hardware staff can help you select what size and style you would like.  If you do not have the current filter just open the grill, measure the inside length and width, bring the measurements and we can help you pick the correct size.

If you have any other question about any air filters, come to Union Hills Ace Hardware or call us at 602-863-9002 and one of our knowledge staff members can assist you!

Thank you for choosing Union Hills Ace Hardware we appreciate your business.

Union Hills Ace Hardware Store is located in Phoenix, AZ. We are the most complete hardware store in North Phoenix, Arizona. Call us at (602) 863-9002 or email us at

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