Chip Keys For Cars

ChipKeys Cut At Union Hills Ace Hardware Store in Phoenix, ArizonaUnion Hills Ace Hardware now Cuts Chip Keys for cars.

Our trained Staff at Union Hills Ace Hardware in North Phoenix, Arizona, can cut your Chip Keys while you shop!  We have State-of-the-Art Equipment that we guaranty to work before you leave our parking lot.  We stock a large assortment of ChipKeys for hundreds of car makes and models (Chrysler, Ford, Honda, GM, Nissan, Toyota and more).

Check out the value at Union Hills Ace Hardware of our pricing with other lock professionals or car dealerships and you will find that Chip Keys and Union Hills Ace Hardware can save you money!

Frequently Asked Questions about Chip Keys:

What is a chip key?

Chip Keys are usually anti-theft auto keys that contain a computer “transponder” chip in the head of the key and this key is programed to the vehicle’s security system.  When you purchase a duplicate key your vehicle the code in the key must be programmed to match the vehicle.  These keys have been in production starting in 1995.

Why do I need a spare Chip Key?

This technology requires that the vehicle key not only unlock the doors and work in the ignition, but must have the same matching code to the auto’s anti-theft computer.  If your key is lost or broken and you don’t have a spare set the automobile will need to be towed to the dealership and reprogramed to your vehicle’s computer and can be very costly.

Why does the Chip Key cost more than a plastic-head auto key?

The key is not just a key it is a high-tech device that communicates electronically with the automobiles engine computer and must be programmed to work with your particular vehicle.  Programming Chip Keys takes specialized diagnostic equipment as well as trained technicians.  Our staff at Union Hills Ace Hardware in North Phoenix, AZ, has been trained by Chipkeys as your technicians.

A non-Chip Key will open your door or trunk but unless it contains a programmed chip with a matching code the key will not operate the vehicle.  We will run a simple test with a Chip Key detector and determine if you need a Chip Key.  Ask your key technician for a free Chip Key test at Union Hills Ace Hardware store to check you key right now!  Do you need more than one Chip Key?  If you loose or break your key…yes, and our staff this will help save your time and money today!

Not all makes and models apply.  Ask for details copyright Hy-Ko Productions Company.

Thank you for choosing Union Hills Ace Hardware. We appreciate your business.

Union Hills Ace Hardware Store is located in Phoenix, AZ. We are the most complete hardware store in North Phoenix, Arizona. Call us at (602) 863-9002 or email us at

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